Rickmadsen.ca is a place to share life stories, reflections, inspirations, experiences and more through blogs, vlogs, music and random posts.

Why do I have this website? I believe that everyone should always have something to look forward to. I understand from having a blog in the past, that allocating time to create and share content is something I truly enjoy.

I feel peaceful when I write. It’s a time to place my thoughts into written words, my words into stories, and my stories into something that can be shared. Why share them? Better question, why not share them? Maybe one day, one person will read something that is posted here and say, “I needed that today”.

If this website can encourage, inspire, motivate, (#InsertRandomBuzzVerbHere), etc. just one person – it was a good use of time. Who knows what action that person will now go and take to encourage, inspire, motivate, (#InsertRandomBuzzVerbHere), etc for someone else.

Every great leader has been inspired by someone. Those someone’s were inspired by someone…but who? Who inspired the great mind of the person who inspires you the most in life? Then who inspired them? I’ll stop here.

Great ideas grow from inspirations. If something you enjoy doing can create an outcome of encouraging someone else to keep fighting through their fight, then why not try? You’ll either win and succeed or learn and keep on trying. Win-win.

Find what inspires you.

Get inspired.

Be an inspiration.